These War Veterans Were Sick of Hollywood Military Movies So They Made Their Own!

Published on October 31, 2020 by

Not a War Story is a feature length documentary about the military veteran community, their aspirations and the craft involved in the making of Range 15, an independent narrative film that is produced by military veterans.

To the casual observer, Range 15 appears to be nothing more than a bawdy, slapstick satire of Hollywood zombie apocalypse and military films.. However, to those serving in the armed forces, the film is rife with inside jokes and jargon, and perhaps a resounding reclamation of Hollywood portrayal of military life and community.

Starring Hollywood actors and Medal of Honor recipients alike, Not A War Story, offers an inside look to why being a part of Range 15 was so much more than zombies and gore, and through community support inadvertently became the most decorated movie in history (2 Medals of Honor, 1 Navy Cross, 2 Silver Stars, Over 30 Bronze Stars and Purple Hearts). This is a film whose back-story includes a lot of heart and a lot of heroes.

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