Statistical analysis of 118 studies proves ‘efficacy’ of Hydroxychloroquine

Published on October 25, 2020 by

Positive Hydroxychloroquine trials and studies continue to pour in from across the world supporting the efficacy of the drug in treating COVID-19 despite the “sneering luvvies,” according to Sky News host Rowan Dean.

Mr Dean said a group of PhD researchers and scientists have done a statistical analysis of all 118 studies from around the globe and have reached some “crushing conclusions”.

“The analysis shows that 100 per cent of the randomised control trials for early, pre-exposure prophylaxis or post-exposure prophylaxis report positive effects, and the statistical probability of this happening for an ineffective treatment is 0.0002,” he said.

“The clowns and others like Brett Sutton, Jeannette Young, the TGA and the COVID Taskforce have only a one in 5000 chance of being correct in their assertions that the drug doesn’t work.

“The study unequivocally concludes early treatment is most effective with 100 per cent of studies reporting a positive effect and an estimated 63 per cent reduction in the effect measured such as death or hospitalisation.

“The probability that an ineffective treatment generated results as positive as these is estimated to be 1 in 23 million.

Mr Dean said in layman’s terms this means there is only a one in 23 million chance according to this analysis that “Chris Bowen and the rest of them are correct when they say the drug does not work”.

“One in 23 million”.

“Think of the Australians lives that possibly could have been saved if it weren’t for these arrogant fools.”

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