Scammed (Full episode)

Published on November 1, 2020 by

1 Fraud In Unexpected Places
2 US Military Targeted for Identity Theft
3 Affinity Fraud – Trusting People Who Are Closest To Us
4 Counterfeit Toy Kills Two Innocent Kids
5 Charity Fraud—Disaster and Illness
6 Automotive Schemes—RV Trade-In Scams and Air Bag Fraud
7 How Scammer Made Millions Through A Ponzi Scheme
8 Elderly Frequent Victims Of Ponzi Schemes
9 Digging Up The Dead To Re-use Their Graves
10 Scammer Steals Partner’s Heart And Money
11 Identity Theft in Washington State
12 Daughter Spends Her Mother’s Life Savings On Gambling

Scammed! is a new 13-episode HD television series featuring some of the most incredible fraud crimes from around the globe. Many are left destitute and as you`ll see from this series some actually lose their lives.

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