Emmanuel Macron has ‘stood up for free speech’ and for secularism

Published on October 25, 2020 by

Islamist extremism is still a “huge challenge” which countries such as France are continuing to grapple with, according to Sky News host James Morrow.

It comes as French President Emmanuel Macron has called the murder of a Paris teacher a terrorist attack.

The victim is said to have shown controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad during a class discussion about freedom of expression.

The popular teacher was beheaded by a teenager in an Islamist terror attack after which the killer was then shot dead by the police.

“Macron to his credit, stood up for free speech, stood up for the French Republic, stood up for secularism,” Mr Morrow said.

“He has made and dozens of arrests and I think is moving now to defund an awful lot of these organisations which have been essentially creating this Islamic state within a state in many areas of the country.

“This is a huge challenge though that France still has to grapple with.”

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