China in Focus Full Headlines for October 24

Published on October 24, 2020 by

Chinese leader Xi Jinping drops threats aimed at the U.S in an anniversary speech on the Korean war. This, as a state broadcaster documentary accuses the U.S. of crimes against humanity.

The new iPhone launch hit stores in China. Fans cheering for a 5G model of their favorite brand.

More and more big companies are leaving China. The latest one is France’s second-largest retail group Auchan. This after French retailer Carrefour and Tesco from the UK.

Protesters gathered in Beijing. A rare scene for the capital of a totalitarian country. A tutoring school owes a huge sum of money to teachers and parents.

And two more countries say no to China. Brazil to a vaccine made in China. And Slovakia to Chinese companies’ involvement in 5G networks.

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