Biden claims he will win the presidency with a clear majority ‘soon’

Published on November 7, 2020 by

Democratic Presidential hopeful Joe Biden says he is confident he will soon claim the presidency with a clear majority, stating it was likely he would take Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Mr Biden said there would not be a final declaration of victory but the numbers made it a clear and convincing story that he was “going to win this race”.

“We’ve gotten over 74 million votes… that’s more than any presidential ticket has ever got in the history of the United States of America, and our vote total is still growing,” he said.

“We’re beating Donald Trump by over four million votes – that’s a margin that’s still growing as well.

“We’re going to be the first Democrat to win Arizona in 24 years. We’re going to be the first Democrat to win Georgia in 28 years and we’ve rebuilt the blue wall in the middle of the country that crumbled just four years ago.

“Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin; the heartland of this nation.”

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