At least 2 dead after shooting near synagogue in Vienna

Published on November 3, 2020 by

A suspected terror attack hit central Vienna late Monday,… the last night before a nationwide COVID-19 lockdown.
Attackers carried out shooting across six different locations, killing at least one civilian and injuring others.
Lee Kyung-eun reports.
Shortly after 8 PM local time on Monday, several gun shots rang out near Vienna’s central synagogue.
Multiple gunmen opening fire across six different locations.
At least one civilian has been confirmed dead,.. and a police officer is seriously injured after being shot.
One of the suspects was also shot and killed by police.
The other gunmen are feared to remain at large, and the authorities say they aren’t limiting their search to just the Austrian capital.
According to a witness, at least one of the attackers shot at people enjoying some drinks outside bars.
“From the sound of it, it must have been quite a big gun. Whether it’s a handgun or a shotgun? I am not an expert. Big calibers, they were shooting at least 100 rounds just in front of our building.”
It was a lively evening, being the last night before the nationwide lockdown goes into effect which forces all bars and restaurants to close for the next month.
“And a lot of people probably wanted to use that last evening to be able to go out and in front of the bars and restaurants they have tables. It’s a warm night, we have close to 20 degrees and people are sitting outside.”
A Jewish community leader says it was not clear whether the synagogue and neighboring offices had been the target.
He said they were closed at the time of the shooting.
Central Vienna was immediately cordoned off, and a police operation remains ongoing.
In the meantime, the authorities are warning people to keep away from all public places and avoid public transport.
They are also urged to refrain from sharing any videos or photos of the attack via social media.
Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.

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