WHO annual assembly expected to be overshadowed by geopolitical rivalries

Published on May 18, 2020 by

Health experts and diplomats are preparing for days of tense talks at the World Health Assembly, which starts today. The annual meeting is the governing body of the World Health Organisation, and should be focused on combatting the coronavirus. But disputes between global rivals are threatening to overshadow the assembly.
It’s being hosted at the WHO in Geneva, but will largely take place online. The United States is again expected to attack the organisation and its leadership, which it accuses of being too lenient on China. The US has also been pushing for the WHO to end its exclusion of Taiwan. China, which claims Taiwan as its territory, has been blocking its participation for several years.
That means one of the countries that’s been most successful at combating the coronavirus pandemic won’t have a seat at the table. Taiwan responded quickly to the outbreak and has suffered relatively few infections and deaths. Dr. Daniel Lu, a former Taiwanese delegate to the World Health Assembly joins us in a talk

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