UK to open temporary hospital with military help

Published on March 24, 2020 by

In the UK, as of 9am on 24 March, a total of 90,436 have been tested:
82,359 negative.
8,077 positive.
As of 1pm, 422 patients who tested positive for coronavirus have sadly died.
A new hospital is to be established in the ExCeL centre, an exhibition centre in east London, Mr Hancock says.

The new NHS Nightingale Hospital will consist of two wards and hold up to 4,000 patients, Mr Hancock says.

In response to the UK’s call for retired medics to return to the NHS, Mr Hancock says more than 11,500 have come forward, including 2,660 doctors and 6,147 nurses.

He adds that more than 18,000 medical students will also join the NHS workforce.

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