The National Full Live Episode for May 14

Published on May 15, 2020 by

As the long weekend approaches in Canada, thousands of people in Ontario may be returning to work starting May 19, as the province relaxes more restrictions. Eric Sorensen looks at what’s reopening, and what will still be closed. Also, with Alberta’s curve flattening, most of the province has started reopening. The cities of Calgary and Brooks will stay as is for now. Heather Yourex-West explains why.

Plus, COVID-19 outbreaks at meat-packing plants across Canada have led to a shortage of food inspectors, with dozens infected and others in fear of falling ill. As David Akin explains, that’s putting extra strain on the country’s already bruised food supply.

Turning to American news, whistleblower Dr. Rick Bright, ousted from his job as a top U.S. health official, testified before the House Energy and Commerce Committee. As Jackson Proskow explains, Bright says Americans are facing their “darkest winter” because of the White House amid the coronavirus crisis.

And some conspiracy theorists are falsely linking 5G, the fifth generation of wireless mobile technology, to COVID-19 outbreaks. Jeff Semple looks at what started this hoax, how it spread like wildfire on social media and how it ignited attacks on cellphone towers.

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