The National Full Live Episode for May 13

Published on May 14, 2020 by

Our top story tonight: Health Canada has approved the country’s first blood test to detect COVID-19 antibodies to see if a person has been exposed to that virus, and if they could possibly be immune. Heather Yourex-West looks at how the test works – and the questions it cannot answer.

Plus, the pandemic is forcing post-secondary schools across Canada to rethink how they’ll offer classes this fall, with many already deciding to go fully virtual. Mike Le Couteur explains how some students are reconsidering their education plans.

Turning to U.S. news, as a battle brews between American politicians and scientists over how to best tackle COVID-19 – a new study is questioning the effectiveness of the coronavirus test employed by the White House. Jackson Proskow reports from Washington.

Also, the European Union (EU) has released guidelines with the goal of salvaging the summer tourism season. Crystal Goomansingh reports on the mission to boost businesses, and get Europeans travelling to other parts of Europe.

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