The National Full Live Episode for June 30

Published on July 1, 2020 by

Today, the European Union is making a big push to reel in visitors in order to to save its lucrative tourist system amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, by releasing its list of countries whose residents can travel to the bloc. Canada made the cut, while the U.S. did not. Crystal Goomansingh takes a look at what this means, and what health experts say about travel.

The advice about mask-wearing has shifted through the course of the pandemic. The consensus now is wearing a non-medical mask in public can help reduce the spread of the coronavirus, and the debate currently taking place is whether to encourage mask-wearing, or make it mandatory. Mike Drolet explains.

The number of cases in the U.S. are surging so fast experts aren’t even giving a revised estimate on how many people might die. Cases are on the rise in more than half of all states, intensive care units are filling up and as Jackson Proskow reports, the country is divided over what to do next.

More and more companies are boycotting Facebook, and some Canadian companies have joined what’s called the “Stop Hate for Profit” campaign. They say the social media giant isn’t doing enough to keep hateful and misleading content off its platform. Facebook has massive reach and political parties in the Canadian government rely on it too. David Akin reports on whether they have any plans to join the Facebook boycott.

There have been concerning headlines in the news about another strain of influenza found in pigs in China. Some workers on pig farms have become infected with it, but not become sick, and there’s no evidence of human-to-human transmission. As Redmond Shannon explains, right now there’s not much to back up those scary headlines.

On the eve of Canada Day, when the country is confronting some hard truths about racism, Canada’s Minister of Diversity and Inclusion Bardish Chagger has a message for the country that it’s not immune to the realities systemic racism, inequality and racial injustice, and it’s a part of our history. It’s something many people have been thinking about, including a choir group in Calgary and as Heather Yourex-West explains, they’re releasing a special version of “O Canada”.

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