The most emotional moments of wildlife filmmakers

Published on October 18, 2020 by

Wildlife filmmakers experience many emotionally touching moments on their expeditions while observing their main characters over a longer period of time.
A lucky moment for Oliver Goetzl and Ivo Nörenberg in the Yellowstone National Park: When a wolf appears they give up on a lone newborn bison. But at the very last moment, its mother arrives and saves it.
On an expedition in the Himalayas, Henry Mix is able to find Bengal tigers.
A kangaroo mother even allows Thoralf Grospitz to film its tiny baby in her pouch.
But they witness sad moments as well: On the Arctic Wrangel Island, Uwe Anders has to watch a snowy owl mother stop feeding one of her two chicks due to the shortage of food that year.
This documentary shows the most touching and the most heart-breaking moments wildlife filmmakers have experienced all over the world.

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