The Human Camera: Autistic Savant With Incredible Memory

Published on October 3, 2020 by

This film will follow Stephen as he faces his greatest challenge yet – to draw the largest ever panoramic view of London to be put on public display.

Autistic savant Stephen Wiltshire has the ability to sketch huge urban landscapes from memory in near-photographic detail. This documentary tells the story of the boy who stunned the world with his first picture of Salisbury Cathedral at the age of eight, and who has developed into a successful young artist. Stephen has drawn many of the world’s greatest cities such as Rome, New York, and Hong Kong; yet he has never drawn his home town. Spending 15 minutes taking in the London skyline from a helicopter, Stephen will then be provided with a 360-degree, 20-meter wide canvas and a box of pens and pencils to sketch the view from memory, street-by-street, and building for building.

Produced by September Films.

Content licensed from [DCD Rights] to Little Dot Studios.

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