‘The God of wokeness is a jealous God’ set on stamping out ‘religious competition’

Published on October 11, 2020 by

Sky News host James Morrow says the new wave of wokeness breaking out over the globe looks very much like a “false heretical religion” and is targeting religions such as Judaism and Christianity.

“It’s a curious faith that manages to integrate new beliefs quickly, such as the idea that soul crushing lockdowns, a sort of man-made hell on earth, are the only way to coronavirus salvation, despite the increasing evidence to the contrary,” he said.

Mr Morrow said the new religion of the woke “has its own priestly class, known as ‘the scientists’, who have worked out that the coronavirus is clever enough to know if its hosts have gathered together for a Black Lives Matter protest, in which case, it won’t jump from person to person”.

“The god of wokeness is also a jealous god who does not like competition; particularly not from old, established faiths like Christianity and Judaism which built the very civilisation wokeness seeks to destroy”.

Many New York neighbourhoods with higher levels COVID-19 cases overlap with the city’s Orthodox Jewish communities and have been labelled ‘red zones’.

Mr Morrow said New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has “threatened to shut down synagogues, and since the start of the pandemic has singled out the Jewish community for his ire”.

However, when it came to the Black Lives Matter movement, the New York government facilitated a “very non-socially distanced rally,” Mr Morrow said.

“It’s dangerous behaviour on the part of New York’s leaders, and something which should be condemned by all thoughtful people of any faith, or no faith, around the globe.”

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