The FBI Files: The True Story Of Mississippi Burning

Published on June 30, 2020 by

Three civil rights workers go missing amid the tension of the civil rights movement and the growing presence of The KKK in Mississippi. Unravel the mystery alongside the FBI’s greatest law enforcers and forensic scientists.

Season 1 Episode 6: On June 21, 1964, three civil rights workers disappeared in Mississippi. After they were found lynched in the rural deep South, the hunt began to find their killers. With little evidence other than the bullets left inside the three innocent workers, the FBI had began the task of linking the bullets to the weapon, and later to the killers.

The FBI Files is an American docudrama that takes a look behind the scenes of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s crime laboratory.

Real FBI cases are recounted through reenactments and interviews, due to the sensitive nature of the show, viewer discretion is advised.

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