Protesters in Rochester, N.Y. clash with police, barraged by pepper spray balls

Published on September 5, 2020 by

Protesters in Rochester, N.Y. gathered for a rally against the death of Black man Daniel Prude in March, on Friday night, as police had barricaded the public safety building where protesters clashed with law enforcement.

As protesters attempted to approach a police barricade, they were barraged with pepper spray balls. Protesters used makeshift shields (wooden planks, umbrellas, sleds) to repel the incoming pepper spray but many got caught, some called for medics as they attempted to flush their eyes with water and milk.

Prude apparently stopped breathing as police in Rochester were restraining him and died when he was taken off life support a week later.

Prude’s death and the actions of the police officers — who covered the man’s head with a “spit hood” during the confrontation — have intensified the debate over whether police should be responding to calls about people suffering mental health crises.

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