‘Politics’ is ‘getting in the way’ of the coronavirus threat

Published on February 6, 2020 by

Sky News host Chris Kenny says it seems as though “a lot of politics and ideology are getting in the way of factual analysis” of the coronavirus threat.

Mr Kenny said “10 more people on that cruise ship in Japan have tested positive and preparations are underway to establish more quarantine locations in case thousands of Aussies need to return from China”.

“A lot of really worrying videos emerging from inside China,” he said, “bodies piling up in hospitals, people dead on the streets and a number of people being dragged away by officials dressed in anti-contamination outfits”.

“[The videos] give us an extra insight into just how concerning the situation is in mainland China,” he said.

“There are many claims that the death toll in China, at hospitals and elsewhere is much higher than the official numbers.

“We should be alert, vigilant, calm and sensible of course, as governments around the world deal with this.”

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