Police brutality at Minsk protest

Published on October 12, 2020 by

Plainclothes police beat protesters with batons at a pro-opposition rally in Minsk. It was the ninth successive Sunday of demonstrations against President Alexander Lukashenko across major cities in Belarus.
Some of the tactics used against protesters were the most brutal seen since the immediate aftermath of August’s disputed presidential election. Dozens of demonstrators were detained during the demo; security forces kitted out in black, armed with batons, were seen rounding up protesters in Minsk city center and escorting them to police vehicles. According to local media, Russian and Belarusian reporters were included in the arrests. Menacing-looking police trucks lined the streets and sprayed water and orange liquid at protesters, covering them in what looked like orange dye. Tear gas was deployed and police herded people into courtyards, as some attempted to fight back by pelting officers with bottles and other objects.

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