Peta Credlin grills Daniels Andrews over hotel quarantine scandal

Published on October 12, 2020 by

Sky News host Peta Credlin has grilled Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews over why private security company Unified Security which was eventually awarded a $30 million contract was given a “heads up” about the quarantine scheme on Friday, March 27.

The company told staff at 12.36pm on the Friday that they would need to complete Federal Government’s COVID-19 online control course which all private security staff were required to complete.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison had not publicly announced the hotel quarantine scheme at the time the company directed staff to take the course.

Ms Credlin also asked why Mr Andrews’ Chief of Staff had not given evidence to the inquiry.

“You say you set the inquiry up for transparency to get to the bottom of this, this would seem at odds with transparency, should your chief of staff provide evidence to the inquiry,” Ms Credlin said.

Mr Andrews dodged the questions saying the inquiry had not asked his chief of staff to provide evidence.

“Who the inquiry seeks evidence from and the nature of any request they make is entirely a matter for them – entirely a matter for them,” Mr Andrews said.

“I understand whether it be Unified Security or other security providers have made submissions, they have cross-examined witnesses, they have asked many, many questions.”

Last Friday Premier Andrews made a similar assertion about not being asked by the inquiry when asked to turn over phone records by Ms Credlin.

However, after Ms Credlin grilled the premier the board of the Inquiry made a formal request for the phone records which resulted in Victoria’s top public servant, Chris Eccles, resigning.

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