New ‘rapid and accurate’ COVID-19 tests ‘hold to key’ to unlocking the world

Published on October 8, 2020 by

Chief Executive and founder of Ellume Dr Sean Parsons says the three COVID-19 tests which his company has developed can make “rapid, accurate diagnostics” which are the key to unlocking not just Australia, but the world.

Ellume’s COVID-19 test products were given US $30 million by the US government to support manufacturing and testing, and while Dr Parsons has notified Australian authorities of the tests, he has not received any interest.

Dr Parsons says the point of the tests is “to be able to get people tested early” whether they’re at places where there are crowds, or even at home before going to a crowded place.

“We cut our teeth developing this for a home flu test … and we’ve turned our attention to COVID to be able to make rapid, accurate diagnostics for those three products,” he said.

“It’s testing as well as vaccinations that are going to be the key to unlocking not just Australia but the world.”

When asked why the tests were going to be rolled out in America, but not Australia, Dr Parsons said “well when the US government comes to support the manufacturing scale-up with $40 million, we can’t really justify accepting that money and then selling the product here in Australia”.

“While the Americans are supporting the funding, the Americans are going to be getting the product.”

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