Media trying to stop Trump ‘getting his message out’

Published on October 14, 2020 by

The mainstream media knows that if Donald Trump speaks against the political elite he will win the upcoming election, which is why they are trying to stop the president from getting his message out, according to Sky News host Paul Murray.

Speaking in front of a large crowd in the key swing state of Florida in his first major event since overcoming COVID-19, President Trump warned radical left wing politicians such as Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will dictate policy should the Democrats win the White House.

“If (Biden) wins the radical left will be running the country and they are addicted to power and God help us if they ever got it because we would never have the same country again,” he said.

Mr Murray said if Trump can stay on message about regarding the “corrupt political class,” he will win November’s election.

“God forbid, Donald Trump be able to get his message out,” Mr Murray said.

“God forbid, Donald Trump be able to leave the White House.

“God forbid, Donald Trump to look actual voters in the eye, who know they are going to a rally with a bloke who has defeated the Wuflu.”

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