Maguire concedes he received ‘cash deliveries from Maggie Wang’

Published on October 14, 2020 by

During a cross examination by an ICAC inquiry on Wednesday, disgraced former MP Daryl Maguire agreed he had received cash deliveries in his Parliament House office.

The deliveries were associated with a Australian visa scheme for Chinese nationals.

Probed by Counsel Assisting Scott Robertson, Mr Maguire agreed he had “received that cash from Ms [Maggie] Wang”.

He also conceded while he was an MP, he asked for staff employed by the Department of Parliamentary Services to assist him in pursuing personal business interests.

In an email read out at the hearing, a staff member, Ms Hattan, referred to a business card being created for Mr Maguire and said “we’ll check how he wants the mobile number to be shown and we’ll put both email addresses on the card”.

“Does that refresh your memory that one of the things that Ms Hattan did with your approval was prepare business cards for the firm known as Gateway International?” Mr Robertson queried.

Mr Maguire responded in the affirmative and added Ms Hattan was a part time staff member.

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