Lost Gods: The Gods That Guided The Greek Empire

Published on October 6, 2020 by

When the Western world lay under a pool of ignorance and savagery, a new power was rising in the land – people who would raise up cities of marble and worship their many gods from the high places within them. Their philosophers questioned the heavens and the earth, their astronomers mapped the skies, and their mathematicians measured the planets. They would produce art, sculpture, drama and architecture so wondrous that the Romans would copy it. They were the Greeks.

From a time before time was first measured, humankind has pondered the question of God. As the image of that god formed in their mind, they fashioned it in wood, paint and stone and housed it in holy places. The ancient world was populated with gods beyond counting. Today, just one God dominates the world of believers. Where have the old gods gone? Our quest is to peel away the layers of time to examine the civilizations that brought the gods to power and honoured them with art and architecture and to discover the ultimate fate of the Lost Gods.

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