‘Loser’s consent’ holds the line between ‘order and chaos’ as US election looms

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Published on August 1, 2020 by

Sky News host Chris Kenny says with many American states citing the coronavirus pandemic to propose postal voting for the upcoming US presidential election, Donald Trump is rightly worried it could change the result.

President Donald Trump recently floated the idea of delaying the November presidential election due to the the health risks associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Trump criticised mail-in-voting claiming the widespread use of this voting technique could make the election fraudulent.

His Tweet reads “with Universal Mail-In Voting (not Absentee Voting, which is good), 2020 will be the most INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election in history”.

“Trump can’t really delay the election without Congress voting for it and that won’t happen,” Mr Kenny said.

Mr Kenny said in a time of political, social, economic and racial upheaval in America, the upcoming election result “could be divisive”.

“If he loses the election many of his supporters will be believe the political establishment they elected him to sort out, has unfairly chewed him up and spat him out”.

However, Mr Kenny said if the Democrats lose “you can expect fireworks with groups like Antifa at the fore’.

“The democratic challenge for the US is great, and everyone needs to understand the importance of loser’s consent – it holds the line between order and chaos, between democracy and force”.

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