Looting continues apace in downtown Minneapolis

Published on August 28, 2020 by

Governor Tim Walz has mobilized the Minnesota National Guard in response to widespread looting in Minneapolis, reportedly sparked by false allegations that the city’s police had shot and killed a black man earlier in the day.

Restaurants, shops, and other businesses were vandalized and robbed in Minneapolis hours after a murder suspect shot himself after being confronted by police. A rumor spread alleging that the man had been killed by law enforcement officers, leading to rioting in the city, according to reports.

Citing the chaos in downtown Minneapolis, Waltz declared a ‘peacetime emergency’ and said he was sending guardsmen, including a military police unit, to help “restore order” in the city.

Additionally, the Minnesota State Patrol deployed around 150 troopers to help local police disperse the rioters and prevent further looting. The National Guard and state police deployments came after Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey imposed a curfew and requested assistance from the governor.

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