‘It’s in our DNA to be honest and fair’: World Health Organisation

Published on May 22, 2020 by

The World Health Organisation’s Dr Margaret Harris says “it’s in our DNA to be honest, fair and scientifically accurate”.

Speaking to Sky News Australia on Friday, Dr Harris said the inquiry into COVID-19 – agreed to by 130 member states of the WHO including Australia and China – “has to be truly independent”.

“Part of our organisation is dedicated to working to ensure you eliminate conflicts of interest in the people who make decisions,” she said.

“It’s in our DNA to ensure that people who are looking and reviewing are people in the best position to be honest and fair, and scientifically accurate.”

Dr Harris admitted the fine details of the inquiry “haven’t been worked out and it’s not even clear what the nature of the enquiry will be” but ensured it would be wide-ranging.

“The resolution came to the conclusion that there were many many things to look at; the beginning of the outbreak’s an extremely important thing to look at but also what different countries have done, what has worked well and what has not worked well,” she said.

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