India extends lockdown. Bolsonaro rallies supporters in Brazil

Published on May 18, 2020 by

Brazil now has the fourth-largest coronavirus outbreak in the world, surpassing former hotspots Spain and Italy in total confirmed cases. President Bolsonaro continues to downplay the virus and slammed lockdown measures. He flouted social distancing guidelines on Sunday. Wearing a mask, Bolsonaro posed for pictures with supporters and did a series of push-ups with paratroopers.
Vigilance is the key message in Italy as the country moves to relax its coronavirus lockdown after more than two months. Businesses are opening their doors again. But it will be far from a return to normal. Authorities warn that the virus has not gone away – and if new infections start to grow rapidly again, restrictions may come back.
The pandemic has delivered an economic and social shock to the US. A particular challenge is the more than half a million homeless people. They’re among the most vulnerable to COVID-19, lacking access to health care, and even basic virus-fighting tools like handwashing.
Other latest developments in the coronavirus pandemic:
More than 4.7 million people are known to have been infected and over 315,000 have died.
– India has extended its lockdown after reporting its biggest single-day surge of new cases. But the government has still eased some restrictions.
– In Brazil, regional leaders have warned that the healthcare infrastructure could collapse as the need for beds in intensive-care units skyrockets.
– Greece has reopened the Acropolis in Athens and other ancient sites, along with high schools, shopping malls and travel on the mainland.

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