How medical staff fight to save lives

Published on April 9, 2020 by

New York state, the epicenter of America’s coronavirus outbreak has reported its highest death toll in a single day. Nearly 800 people died due to Covid-19 in the last 24 hours. Despite this grim milestone, New York governor Andrew Cuomo says there are signs the spread is slowing down. But the pandemic is still pounding New York City, where even a cathedral has been drafted into service to treat the sick.
The death toll in Germany has today passed 2,100, while the number of confirmed infections has risen to more than 108,000. Those figures roughly equate to a death rate of 1.9% which is remarkably low in comparison to other western nations. The German anomaly has puzzled scientists around the world. Among the answers is the country’s abundance of intensive care beds. But the medical system is still under tremendous stress. Now one hospital in the worst hit state of Bavaria has granted rare access to the daily war its fighting against Covid19.
Some more of the latest developments:
– There are now more than one-and-a-half million confirmed infections worldwide since the outbreak began, with the global death toll approaching 90-thousand.
– South Korea sees its SMALLEST one-day increase in new cases since February — only 39 new infections.
– Russia reports a record one-day rise in new cases — nearly 1,500 in the past 24 hours. President Putin has said the next few weeks will be decisive in the nation’s fight against the virus.

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