Has Cuba really changed?

Published on June 10, 2020 by

Has Cuba changed in the last decade and if so, how? What happens with Fidel Castro’s Cuba and how are people thinking about their own country? Is Cuba the place that our presenter and filmmaker left? Or has it changed into another country that he doesn’t recognize anymore? Where is the last true socialist state of Cuba heading to?

In this four-part series Cuban-Dutch Yuri Capetillo Hardy returns to his native country that he left 15 years ago. Going back is always filled with sorrow as his mother died and his former house is filled with memories. Yuri remembers the country he left behind in poverty 15 years earlier. Older and wiser, Yuri dares to face his past and investigates what is right about the stories about change in Cuba. He meets Cubans who have a very different view of the country than he does. For example, his own grandfather, who calls Fidel Castro his “hero.” And the German-Cuban Mariana, who has returned to Cuba to build up her life as a musician.

Original title: Moederland (1/4) Cuba na Castro
May 2019

Director: Maaike de Gruyter
Research: Pamela Kalkman
Editing: Femke Klein Obbink
Commissioning Editor: Stefanie de Brouwer
Camera: Joost van Herwijnen
Sound: Simone Galavazi, Rik Meier, Kees de Groot
Production: Nicole Frints, Jeroen Mondria


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