Gove: No fixed date for peak of epidemic

Published on March 31, 2020 by

Cabinet minister Michael Gove is asked when the peak of the epidemic will come and why Germany has done more tests than the UK,

Mr Gove says the rise in deaths is “deeply shocking, disturbing and moving”.

He says there is no “fixed date like Easter” for when we can expect to see a peak and adds reducing that “depends on the actions all of us take”.

Dr Stephen Powis, medical director for NHS England, says that we will first see a reduction in infections, then a reduction in hospitalisations and then a fall in the number of deaths.

“Green shoots will take a while,” he adds.

On testing, Dr Harries says “we want to be testing where it is useful”.

She adds that if a member of the public had tested positive for the coronavirus they would not be asked to take any different action.

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