Germany confirms US plans to pull troops

Published on June 11, 2020 by

The German government has confirmed it’s been informed the U-S may be considering a partial withdrawal of American troops from the country.
This follows media reports that President Donald Trump had ordered the removal of nearly 10-thousand troops from Germany, almost a third of the US military personnel stationed in the country. A German goverment spokesperson said that while they’re aware of the report, a decision has yet to be made by the US.
But Berlin isn’t the only ally coming under pressure from the Trump administration. The White House has also asked Japan to significantly up Its contribution to maintaining American forces.
The US has guaranteed Japan’s defense since the end of World War Two. It has more than 50-thousand personnel stationed at facilities across the country. Washington puts the price tag at some 5-point-7 Bbillion dollars, much of which is already paid for by Japan. The cost-sharing agreement is due to be renegotiated next year. Japan is already spending more on defense, but on its own forces.

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