Full Live Episode S. Korea News Broadcast June 29

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Published on June 29, 2020 by

▪ OECD Composite Leading Indicator for S. Korean economy up 0.2 points m/m to 100 in May

▪ S. Korea divides social distancing into three levels depending on outbreak severity

▪ S. Korean professional sports leagues to welcome back spectators, but with strict quarantine measures

▪ U.S. seeing rise in COVID-19 cases, only 2 states reporting decline

▪ N. Korea has been holding virtual meetings for first time since COVID-19 outbreak

▪ N. Korean defectors’ aid to families cut off amid tightened security by regime

▪ 18th anniversary of Second Yeonpyeong Battle; the western sea border now

▪ World Trade Organization to review establishment of trade watchdog panels for Japan

▪ Japan tells U.S. it opposes S. Korea being included in proposed expanded G7 summit: Kyodo

▪ Hong Kong bans ‘July 1st’ pro-democracy protest

▪ Monsoon rain nationwide

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