Full Live Episode S. Korea News Broadcast June 19

Published on June 19, 2020 by

▪ N. Korea continues to pose “extraordinary threat” to Asia-Pacific region: Pentagon official

▪ Kim Jong-un remains out of public eye as tensions simmer

▪ Defectors determined to send packages to N. Korea despite growing tensions

▪ China recommitted to U.S.-China trade deal in Hawaii dialogue: Pompeo

▪ Gov’t to provide some US$ 4 bil. of loans to subcontractors: Finance Minister

▪ WHO hopeful COVID-19 vaccines could be developed before end of 2020

▪ China may have intentionally allowed COVID-19 to spread around world: Trump

▪ U.S. Supreme Court blocks Trump administration from ending DACA in 5 to 4 ruling

▪ Big jump in highs, brighter skies

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