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Published on March 30, 2020 by

The world continues to battle the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and countries are taking different measures in an effort to slow the spread.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says more help is on the way for seniors, children and domestic abuse victims. But as Abigail Bimman reports, some vulnerable groups at risk say they still don’t have the support they need.

Plus, despite a low number of reported cases of COVID-19 in young people, there are calls for more research into how the virus impacts children, and the role they play in the spread of the pandemic. Ross Lords reports.

In the U.S., President Donald Trump extended social distancing guidelines until April 30 after America’s top infectious disease official warned millions of people could be infected there, and 200,00 people could die. Jennifer Johnson reports.

While the number of cases rise and impacts are seen on global travel and commerce, the environment is seeing a different result as the virus has resulted in a stark drop in pollution levels. Redmond Shannon reports.

Meanwhile, as the world’s attention is fixed on COVID-19, so is the focus on frontline health care workers, putting their own lives at risk to help. As Robin Gill reports, one photographer in Vancouver has started a social media campaign to tell their stories.

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