Full Global National News Feb. 9, 2020

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Confusion remains for Canadian permanent residents still stuck in the lockdown zone. Mike Le Couteur reports on the conflicting information from both Chinese and Canadian officials.

Catherine Urquhart reports on solidarity protests with the Wet’suwet’en Nation in Vancouver.

As the Democratic race heats up in the U.S., Reggie Cecchini explains who has the advantage in another pivotal vote.

David Akin breaks down how much money the Canadian government is spending to help female business owners and entrepreneurs in the developing world.

Eric Sorensen reports on the investigation into Patrik Matthews, a Canadian Forces reservist arrested in the U.S. over accusations he was involved with a neo-Nazi group aiming to incite violence at a Virginia pro-gun rally.

Genetic testing company 23andMe has stirred controversy after it helped develop a new drug using DNA samples collected from its own clients. As Ross Lord reports, it’s raising ethical questions on what those samples are really being used for and whether the company’s customers will be fairly compensated for the drug’s research.

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