Full Episode China and World Headlines June 30

Published on June 30, 2020 by

Amid the Three Gorges Dam’s fast-rising water level, speculation was rising among locals that the dam was leaking water downstream. Based on an internal document we obtained, the authorities ordered workers at the dam to release water downstream on Sunday evening.

400k people face quarantine as another county in China goes under lockdown. Despite few reported virus cases, the county is adopting the same measures as epicenter Wuhan used when the virus first hit.

A Chinese farmer suddenly loses the legitimacy of his land. The farmer and his family have been farming there for four generations in the past 60 years.

Contradictory virus numbers are coming out of China’s capital. That’s as one hospital reports more virus cases than all of Beijing combined.

Shares for one Chinese company listed in Nasdaq plunged over 20%, after some of the gold it used to obtain loans turned out to be fake.

The situation between the U-S and the Chinese regime is still tense. Now, the Wall Street Journal reports that Beijing quietly warned the Trump administration not to cross a line on issues it considers “off limits.” Beijing warned there would be retaliation, particularly in regards to the Phase One trade deal.

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