Fears China could further cripple Aust exports

Published on May 20, 2020 by

There are fears of major trade reprisals from China, which has reportedly written up a list of other Australian goods in the firing line.

With a third of Australia’s exports sold to China, Australia’s National Farmers Federation CEO Tony Mahar said he was “acutely aware” of speculation China could impose economic taxes on other Australian industries.

“We’re always conscious of any disruptions to trade in an export dominated industry like agriculture where we export two thirds of what we produce, and a third of that goes to China,” he said.

After a historic vote at the World Health Assembly overnight, world leaders agreed to establish an inquiry into the COVID-19 response – vindicating Australia’s push for a probe into the COVID-19 outbreak.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said Australia was committed to the global inquiry but wanted it to be as independent as possible from the World Health Organisation.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese told Sky News his party supported the government and its unwavering push for an independent inquiry, saying “the Coalition and Labor have been at one, we have had the same position on this matter”.

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