EU starts reopening its borders. Chile’s capital Santiago on ‘total lockdown’

Published on May 14, 2020 by

After weeks of lockdown, borders are starting to re-open across Europe. The European Commission has unveiled a plan to revive the battered tourism industry and make it possible for people to take a summer vacation. At the same time, the German government has announced that it will begin relaxing border controls with other EU member states – starting this coming weekend.
Turkey also wants to open its borders to tourists again. The government is considering testing visitors from abroad as part of a plan to open the tourism season next month. Meanwhile, parks in Turkey’s cities are filled once again with the sound of children playing. Its the first time they’ve been allowed to leave their homes for 40 days.
The UK has seen the highest death toll from Covid-19 in Europe. Over 30.000 people have died since the pandemic began. A disproportionante number of them from ethnic minorities. For example, black people in the UK are four times more likely to die from the coronavirus than caucasians. And also among health care workers, there’s a significantly higher fatality rate for people of color.
Other developments in the coronavirus pandemic:
– Over 4.3 million people are reported to have been infected globally by the coronavirus – and more than 295 thousand people have died from it.
– The World Health Organisation says it’s impossible to predict when the virus may be controlled – adding that it’s possible it may never go away.
– The United Nations has warned the world is facing a mental health crisis as a result of the isolation, poverty and anxiety caused by the pandemic. It’s called on authorities to do more to protect people.
– Japan says it will lift a state of emergency across a large part of the country. The capital Tokyo and several other high-risk areas will remain under restrictions.

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