Dems use climate change as a ‘distraction’ from forest management failures

Published on September 20, 2020 by

Democrats blaming climate change as the primary source of the ongoing Californian wildfires is an “effort to distract” from what is a clear forest management failure, according to environmental policy expert Michael Shellenberger.

The Californian wildfires have so far burnt through around three million acres of land, killing 30 people.

Mr Shellenberger pointed to a small town ravaged by the fires where 10 people have died, as an example of the bureaucratic failure at the heart of the fires.

“A third of those deaths were in a town that two years ago had requested to selectively thin the forest around the town, and the state government regulators sat on that request for two years,” he said.

“The whole town went up in flames.

“It confirms for me that the central dynamic here is the accumulation of wood fuel”.

Mr Shellenberger told Sky News that after propagating the climate change theory, journalists have now “retreated to a position” of saying wood fuel accumulation and climate change are both equal causes.

“But that’s also misleading,” he said.

“Climate change is neither necessary nor sufficient as a cause of these megafires.

“By contrast, the accumulation of wood fuel after a century or more of fire suppression, is both necessary and sufficient as a cause for these fires.

“So to suggest that climate change and wood fuel are both equal causes is misleading.”

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