Deadliest Journeys – Liberia: Fatal rains

Published on October 14, 2020 by

From the first images, the director immerses us in hell. Downpours, crossroads and flooded villages, population drowned in torrential rain, overflowing sewers. We’re in Liberia. Here each summer the rainy season is one of the strongest in the world. In a few days, a fatal rain worsened the difficulties of this country ruined by a devastating civil war. An avalanche of water ravages all the dirt roads. The villages are cut off from the world. Despite the condition of the roads, FOFANA, a money-obsessed Pick-up driver decides to take penniless passengers across the country through the jungle. This trip against the natural elements quickly becomes a nightmare and reveals the terrible living conditions of Liberians. With prodigious ingenuity, each tries as best he can to get out of it. The misfortune of the floods brings happiness to those who help the victims in exchange for a few cents. The pastors of a Baptist church turn Mass into a lucrative raffle … Soon the director reveals in this incredible film the dramatic reality of a bloodless country. Thousands of children break stones from the age of 5 to “rebuild the country”. At the risk of their lives, employees of a multinational palm oil company are transported to the plantation in overloaded cattle dumpsters. For a pittance, crushed by the sun that has finally returned, they plant thousands of palm trees on their confiscated and devastated land …

Director: Philippe Lafaix

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