China in Focus Full Headlines for September 18

Published on September 18, 2020 by

Whistleblower Dr. Yan Limeng attests the CCP-virus was made in a lab. But in 2013, Chinese scientists already created a virus that many warned could lead to a global pandemic.

China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba’s financial affiliate Ant Group is set to go public in Hong Kong. A DC-based advocacy group is warning that the company’s ties with the Chinese regime could make it a potential target of US sanctions, bringing risks to investors.

70 pounds of gold bars, 1 million dollars in cash, over 20 Luxury cars: all received by one low-level party official in China within just 5 years through bribery.

And the US seems to care less and less how the Chinese Communist Party feels. The second high-level US official is visiting Taiwan, despite threats from Beijing.

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