China in Focus Full Headlines for October 3

Published on October 3, 2020 by

President Donald Trump and the first lady both tested positive for the CCP virus. A China analyst says this might prompt him to take an even tougher line against threats posed by the CCP when he recovers.

A text alert once again brings attention to China’s potential food crisis. And there are other worrying signs.

Crowds at tourist spots across China are raising concern. This, as virus cases continue to rise. Chinese citizens talk about makeshift hospitals for combating the CCP virus, that local media don’t report on.

The Chinese Communist Party is responsible for the murder of millions of baby girls through brutal forms of population control, with the support from UN agencies. This, according to the US Education Secretary.

And top Chinese swimmers failed in qualifying rounds for Olympic-level swimming. It was due to their poor scores in physical fitness tests, like long-distance running. This is the result of an odd political move.

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