China in Focus Full Headlines for October 13

Published on October 13, 2020 by

Taiwan denounced China for releasing a forced TV confession of a Taiwanese businessman. The man has been missing in China for over a year due to his support of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement.

Nine million people are to be tested for the CCP virus in a Chinese city. An expo was postponed, a hospital closed – only because of 12 cases, if the official figure is accurate.

Fine particles of PM2.5 in the air in Beijing exceeded the limit 3 times, causing haze and harming people’s health.

Anti-American at work, but admiring America in real life. This way of life has become popular among many Chinese celebrities. An “anti-American pioneer” scholar is revealed to have sent his son to the U.S. for education.

And U.S. flags are made in China, sold in China, and used in China. But China’s authorities forbade this, because a group of residents wanted to show their support for U.S. President Trump, using these flags.

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