China in Focus Full Headlines for August 29

Published on August 29, 2020 by

Three gunshots, two hit the mark. A famous celebrity known for his hard stance against the Chinese regime has been shot in Taiwan. Some suspect the Communist Party is behind it.

A viral video circulating on Chinese social media has sparked debate. The video shows police officers in southern China protesting against their chief—a rarity.

Now, the last part of our exclusive interview with Chinese whistleblower Jiang Pengyong. He had been helping officials from local Chinese agencies to source masks from around the world. Today, we hear how Jiang awakens to the CCP’s deception and decides to share what he knows.

Chinese authorities issue a nationwide order to demolish overseas satellite dishes. Some see it as a way to control the ideology of Chinese citizens, and block out information from the West.

And what does Chinese leader Xi Jinping think about his country? His recent speech at an economic and social experts symposium gives insight.

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