China in Focus Full Headlines for August 1

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Published on August 1, 2020 by

Bamboo locusts hit China. This year the flying insect swarms are “starting early” and are “frequent, and numerous.” Chinese authorities say it may become a new normal.

A recent order has invalidated all privately-held passports of regime-related staff in Wuhan. The ban may intend to block potential future whistleblowers from leaving China.

Floods arrived in Beijing. Four inches of rainfall in just one hour. Lightning, torrential rain, and high wind warnings were issued in Beijing.

The latest virus whistleblower recounted how Beijing and the WHO covered up the key piece of virus information in the early stages—the virus’s ability to transmit among humans.

In China’s western Xinjiang, virus cases continue to climb. A biker in the region posted a video asking for help, as he’s trapped due to the lockdown.

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