Canada and World Full Headlines for September 11

Published on September 12, 2020 by

A desperate plea tonight from a Canadian woman who believes her boyfriend and others are still alive despite being lost at sea over a week a go. The Gulf Livestock 1 carrying almost 6000 cattle sank off the east China Sea on September 2. Three of the crew were rescued, one of whom later died. Charlie Grey was due to meet her boyfriend in the coming weeks after being separated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This week Japan’s coast guard called back its search – but as Redmond Shannon reports friends and family of the crew say search efforts must continue.

Global News has learned how the government plans to deal with the pandemic long term. That’s going to be the centrepiece in the upcoming Throne Speech. Our Ottawa Bureau Chief Mercedes Stephenson has been digging into what is in that speech and what isn’t.

The Prime Minister is weighing in on the WE Charity controversy for the first time since the organization revealed that it would be shuttering its Canadian operations. Justin Trudeau has been criticized for being too close to WE, but today he was very careful to keep his distance. Abigail Bimman is following the story.

Oregon, Washington State and California are struggling to contain dozens of wildfires. At least 24 people have been killed and several others are missing. The unprecedented fires are being fueled by hot, dry temperatures. And as Jennifer Johnson explains, the weather is letting up anytime soon.

Canada Post is apologizing for printing a stamp that featured the severed head of a John A. MacDonald statue that was pulled down by protesters in Montreal. The stamp was printed through a program intended for people to help celebrate birthdays or anniversaries. But a federal employee used the program as a means of protest, and solidarity for those calling for the removal of statues featuring historical figures with a controversial past. As David Akin reports it’s not the first time Canada Post has been pranked.

COVID-19 has forced many companies to change the way they do business. But there are some industries that are in a prolonged intermission. Live theatre needs a packed house to be profitable. But as Mike Drolet explains, the seats are empty.

The NFL kicked off its season last night, but he back drop to the game was much more than football. For years the league has wrestled with racial injustice and the freedom it has for the players to express themselves on controversial political issues. Now confronting both the racial divide and COVID-19, the NFL is back in the spotlight. Eric Sorensen reports.

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