Canada and World Full Headlines for October 16

Published on October 17, 2020 by

On tonight’s episode of Global National: As COVID-19 infections rise across the country, some provinces like Manitoba are taking actions to stop the spread of the virus. Manitoba had the most active cases of any province this week. Brittany Greenslade outlines the new restrictions, and explains what could happen if they don’t work.

Plus, air passengers arriving in Canada start a mandatory two-week quarantines once they reach their final destination, regardless of how many connecting flights they took, as long as they’re symptom-free. Abigail Bimman looks at the issue of point-of-entry quarantines, and why critics think the rules need to change.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is calling for an end to the violence in Nova Scotia, where the Supreme Court-protected rights of Indigenous lobster fishers are at the centre of major tensions. Ross Lord reports.

South of the border, the U.S. election is just weeks away. In 2016, 18 per cent of voters had an unfavourable view of both candidates, according to polls. So what about now? Mike Armstrong speaks with undecided and unimpressed voters in Pennsylvania and explains how winning over the “haters” can lead to victory.

Should Halloween be cancelled? Is there a link between blood types and the severity of a COVID-19 infection? Jeff Semple takes your questions to the experts.

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