Canada and World Full Headlines for October 15

Published on October 16, 2020 by

On tonight’s episode of Global National: Police in Toronto believe they’ve identified Calvin Hoover as the man who raped and murdered nine-year-old Ontario girl Christine Jessop in 1984. Eric Sorensen explains how new DNA technology helped crack the cold case, the killer’s connection to Jessop, and why Hoover can’t be charged.

Plus, pressure is mounting on the federal government to resolve an intensifying feud between Indigenous lobster harvesters and commercial fishers. Ross Lord explains what’s behind the growing confrontation.
And concern is growing as COVID-19 cases start climbing in Canada’s Indigenous communities. As Mike Le Couteur reports, trust in the health care system is low after recent examples of systemic racism in Canada’s healthcare we’re revealed.

Meanwhile, the COVID-19 alert level has been raised to ‘high’ in London and other cities in England, triggering new strict restrictions. Crystal Goomansingh has reaction, and the reason why one city is refusing to follow suit.

U.S. President Donald Trump held a rally in North Carolina on Thursday, just as the polls for early voting opened. Jackson Proskow hears from Trump fans on why they feel the pandemic isn’t a big deal, and why Joe Biden’s supporters beg to differ.

Many Canadians known as “snowbirds” who normally fly south for warmer winters, are having to reroute, due to the pandemic border restrictions. As Robin Gill explains, B.C. has become a hot commodity.

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