Canada and World Full Headlines for July 30

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Published on July 31, 2020 by

On this episode of Global National: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau testified before the House of Commons finance committee (FINA), and denied influencing a controversial deal with the WE Charity. Trudeau says the charity received no “preferential treatment,” and defended his motives not to recuse himself from cabinet’s decision to award WE nearly a billion dollars to run a student grant program. Abigail Bimman reports.

More on the WE Charity affair, the prime minister’s testimony to FINA is the latest episode in the months-long controversy involving him, his family and the WE Charity’s co-founders, surrounding the now-scrapped multi-million dollar student grant program. Dawna Friesen provides a timeline into the controversy.

In coronavirus news, Ontario and Manitoba laid out their back-to-school plans for students to enter classrooms this fall. In Ontario, masks will be mandatory for teaching staff and students in grade four and above. Mike Drolet explains. Plus, as the COVID-19 pandemic plagues the United States, President Donald Trump is now suggesting the November presidential election should be postponed, claiming mail-in votes pose a huge risk for fraud. Jackson Proskow reports on whether Trump really has the power to delay America’s decision.

American civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis was laid to rest on Thursday during his funeral in Atlanta, the city he represented in U.S. Congress for over three decades. Global National’s Dawna Friesen reports on Lewis’ lifelong legacy, one that fuelled America’s racial reckoning.

Also, NASA’s next-generation Perseverance rover is rocketing into space to find signs of life on Mars. As Eric Sorensen reports, the ambitious quest hopes to answer the burning question of whether we’re alone in the universe.

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